MAYO Prayer



The Examen Prayer

The examen prayer is a short method by St. Ignatius to examen our daily life so we can overcome sin and grow in virtue and closeness to God. In five short steps is a method that Ignatius recommends daily to everyone and twice daily to his Jesuits. It is the foundational prayer to become aware of the movements of heart so we can be aware what is of God, us or as St. Ignatius calls him, 'the enemy'. St. Ignatius' method is less than a half page in length, yet it opens the door to a deeper spiritual journey. In his book on the Examen Prayer Fr.

β1 Basic Prayer Method

1. Start with the sign of the cross

2. Preparatory prayer: “Dear Lord, please give me the gift of prayer and perseverance. Open my mind and heart to receive your love and truth.”

3. Read a passage of the Bible. Start with Mark's gospel. Focus on one passage for each prayer time. Gradually make your way through Mark's gospel.

5. Talk with Christ about the passage  as one friend speaks to another, eg  ask for some grace, ask what the passage means, talk about what is happening in your life or asking for God’s guidance in your life.

6. Pray an Our Father. 

7. Finish with the sign of the cross.