Learn who you are in the Eyes of God

St Eugene de Mazenod spoke those words in his very first sermon to the poor of Aix-en-Provence in France. This sermon is called the Madeleine sermon and was given in the dialect of the poor by the young St. Eugene who decided to prefer the poor of his home town rather than the rich parish.

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Learning who we are in the eyes of God is not just a recognition of our sonship/daughtership in God and all that that entails, but comes from the lived sharing of the divine nature with God that is the result of our self-gift to God. Only when we truly give our lives to God do we start to share in the divine nature, since as we have learnt, the divine nature is one of self-gift. The giving of ourselves to God is at the same time receiving the grace of God, which is God himself. God enters us as we enter God. We enter God as God enters us. When this happens we are participating in the Trinity just as each divine person does, but of course to a more limited extent.

Practically, prayer is the most simple way we participate in the Trinity. We should be praying daily. [Link to the prayer course]. The most personal way we enter God is through the Eucharist. In the Eucharist we receive all of the Trinity in the form of bread and wine. If we open ourselves when we receive the Lord, we will start to have a greater experience of God's love through the Eucharist. One way to do this is to be aware we are receiving God in the form of bread, to open our hearts and souls as much as we can when we receive him. To sit and pray and totally focus on the awareness of God being in us and sharing all of our heart, desires, concerns etc with him. Or just to be aware that we are receiving God and being fully open to his love at the moment. This is the greatest intimacy with God and it is personal. There is no perfect formula of what to do, except to seek him totally and be ready to receive him totally, just as any person of the Trinity does.

We let the Lord into our hearts when we let the poor into our hearts. What we do to the least of the poor is what we do to God. [Matt 24?] ... But this opens up questions of how practically we should serve the poor which is part of the deeper question of our vocation in life. This is where the prayer course will help answer those practical questions. 

We enter into the divine giving and receiving through receiving God's love and giving God's love.


Learn who you are in the eyes of God

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